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Ann Wayman

Death Doula | Caregiving Coach | Respite Care

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Who Am I?

Death comes to everyone. There is no escaping it. 

The practice of caring for a sick and dying loved one at their end of life was done at home many years ago. Surrounded by family, and close friends that provided a loving and caring setting, with personal belongings around them, made for a peaceful transition.

With all the advances in the medical field to keep us alive longer, often behind closed doors, usually at a medical institution, it has become a lonely place to die. Not having family or visitors, small mementos of our life's achievements and even simple traditions and rituals are lost. And no one wants to discuss what a good death can be.

I can help change this next journey for those who are terminally ill and dying into a caring and peaceful time. Helping with your last wishes and creating a celebration of a life well lived. Often just the simple acts of listening or giving caretakers a reprieve and bedside vigil can provide a deep state of calm and tranquility.

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